Parental Perspective of the Mule

1. The Mule System enables any parent to train their own child and improve their child’s skill and technical ability. By engraining the correct form, it will enable the player to be successful every time.

2. Through the Mule System we give you all the tools and guides to bring your child to a superior level of soccer: touch, dribbling and finishing with a perfect polished look.

3. Our video will show you the exact form so your child learns the European Method of soccer training. You will learn how to position the player’s body and have perfect execution every time.

4. Our Strength and Plyometric Program and sport specific system gives your child a distinct advantage in speed, agility and coordination which will give them an edge over every player on the field.

5. With the Mule, the player’s timing and muscle memory training will enable them to become leaders on the field and goal scorers for their team.

Good Reasons to implement use of the Mule Soccer System:

  • You no longer have to depend on someone to make your child great at soccer!
  • Spend fun quality time with your child. In as little as 2 hours per week; your child will develop awesome 1st Touch skills; become a great goal scorer; improve dribbling, and be superior on the field.
  • Using the Mule Increases your child’s self-confidence.
  • Flexibility in training: Train when you have free time.
  • See dramatic results in just 8 to 10 hours of training; see a huge difference in the technical ability of your child.
  • Their new found love of the game will come naturally as your child becomes proficient with our drills.
  • Through our repetitive training of all the movements, your child will gain confidence to perform at higher levels under all conditions of the game.
  • We stress development of using both feet equally well with our system of training.